Valparaíso, Chile

We spent five nights in the colourful city walking the streets, climbing the steps and riding the funicular railways. A bohemian place coated in a myriad of hues; the hills or cerros were our favourite place to be while in the city.  


The murals and graffiti are undeniably beautiful and captivating. The history of the city that we learned on an excellent walking tour described a city that grew unplanned. The quirky nature of the sprawling buildings and winding streets became understandable when we learned of the unintended port city's beginnings. 


Other adventures in the city included a boat ride where we got up close to warships and sea lions and a ride on one of the old trams where the conductor was listening to Metallica. We also drank cocktails with amazing views and wandered around the quiet cemetary. 


Valparaíso though unique didn't capture my heart like I expected it to, a wrong turn in a bad neighbourhood and an encounter with a drunk man meant I left with a bitter taste in my mouth. Many people on our trip advised that 'Valpo' was their favourite city and for them surpassed their time in Santiago, for us I think it was the opposite. 


Next stop: La Serena and venturing closer to the Chilean desert.  

 🎥 Chile - Up's and Down's:


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